Should we tell our kids the truth about Santa?

The Santa question is almost impossible to avoid at this time of year. It came up again last week, when we were ordering sandwiches at Subway.

The woman in a Santa hat making our turkey flatbread asked my daughter what she was getting for Christmas.

“I don’t know,” said Erysse, looking a little surprised. “Only Santa does.”

Then the sandwich artist smiled and pointed behind us.

“Why don’t you ask him?” she replied. Continue reading “Should we tell our kids the truth about Santa?”

Oysters in the Apalachicola Bay

You can’t help but notice the clusters of oyster boats as you drive across the Apalachicola Bay toward St. George Island.

The distinct silhouettes of oystermen scraping the bay in a scissor-like motion — back and forth, back and forth — is a trademark of this region. On the last tug, the oyster rake emerges from the water and the opening of the claws drops the oysters to the deck.

One man sits near the clusters of oyster at the bow. His taps can be heard from the old St. George Island Bridge as he measure out the keepers for the burlap sacks and tosses the rest back to the bay. Continue reading “Oysters in the Apalachicola Bay”

Fresh oranges and monsters in Florida

Citrus season is in full swing in Florida and one of our favorite places to go picking is Showcase of Citrus in Clermont, Fla.

Living in Central Florida for the past seven years and South Florida the previous three, we’ve seen our fair share of farms and groves, but there’s only one that calls us back time and time again.

What makes it so much fun? It’s the open grove. And the monster truck ride.
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