Don’t ask for a pass on these parking offenses

Drivers Arguing After The Accident

When was the last time you were in a parking lot and didn't have commentary on at least one thing you witnessed there? Anyone? I can't remember, either. In a 2012 survey, Consumer Reports asked 895 Americans to share their top gripes about their fellow motorists. Among them: ✓ Able-bodied drivers parking in designated handicapped more »

Season’s eatings! What to do about those holiday extras

Eating Healthy

I've been dreading the arrival of the winter holiday season, since early September when the first party invitations started showing up in my email. After all, I spent the summer months finally slimming down after the previous year's revelry. I really don't want to go through that again. Still, I'm torn between knowing that I more »

Elevator etiquette 101: Don’t stand so close to me

Drowning in people. Top view of fearful young woman in formalwear feeling trapped by the crowd while standing in elevator

My arm is numb by the time the elevator reaches the fifth floor. I have ten more floors to go. The weight of my luggage is exhausting every muscle from the top of my shoulder to the tip of my stubby little pinky finger. One more ding and the dripping wet child to my right more »

If you’re sick, stay home

Medical Health Care Worker Showing Stop Sign

Thank you for reading the Away is Home newsletter. We've spun off our destination site into a new blog and newsletter -- and you're reading it. Remember, you can subscribe to our daily email newsletter here. What you need to know this week If you're so sick, why didn't you just stay home? We kick off this week's more »

Can you ever outgrow a destination?


When I found out that my lifelong friends were planning one last trip together before we left town to make our way in the world, I was thrilled. The details of the trip sounded wonderful -- at least at first. But to my horror, my friends picked a destination I have no interest in visiting: Cancun, more »

Do sick travelers have more rights than healthy ones?

teenager with face mask

If you're sick, stay home. Unless you're about to go on vacation. Then it's OK to infect the rest of us. That's an almost fair statement, given the Ebola-infected nurse who flew from Cleveland to Dallas and the recent mandatory quarantines in New York and New Jersey. You have to ask yourself: Why are these people more »

Airline misplaced my luggage, I want compensation

businessman lost his luggage at airport

Question: My checked bags didn't arrive at the airport with me. What's the airline's responsibility when there's a one-day delay in receiving your luggage? Answer: Nothing tests your patience more than waiting at the luggage carousel for your luggage to come up. Except maybe when your bags are a no-show. Most travelers are unprepared and don't more »

Does traveling bring out your fear of crowds?


When I'm traveling, nothing stresses me out more than a crowd. You know what I'm talking about, don't you? It's the sudden crush of people into your personal space on a crowded subway car during rush hour. It's the way a mass of travelers can almost lift you and carry you through a terminal as more »

Betcha aren’t ready for winter roadways (I’m not)

Snow and Cars

The first flakes of snow are falling in the mountains of California, Utah and Colorado, even though we're barely halfway through October. But for the rest of the country, winter weather still seems a long way off. So when should you start prepping the family vehicle for the changing season and gear up for the dreaded winter more »