Iden, your iPad is gone, gone, gone

Well, we’ve finally had it.

Iden’s flagrant use of technology as we explored the exceptional Nevada countryside flipped the switch from rational parenting to threats. And what is there to say but cooler heads have not prevailed.

He played games instead of taking advantage of the fantastic pools at our Holiday Inn Club Vacations Las Vegas Desert Club resort. He played games on the Black Canyon River Adventures bus on the way to the Hoover Dam. He even tried to play games on our Colorado river pontoon boat as we floated below the majestic Hoover Dam.

I’m pretty sure he knew his number was up and he was trying to pack in as much game time as possible before the big dust up. Continue reading “Iden, your iPad is gone, gone, gone”

We’re taking the kids to Vegas – deal with it!

We’re taking the kids to Vegas – deal with it!

With nicknames like Sin City, the Gambling Capital of the World and a trademark what-happens-here-stays-here reputation, you might think taking your kids to Las Vegas would be a mistake.

Sure, there’s smoking, gambling, red-hot adult entertainment, an “always-on” atmosphere and permission to be someone you’re not — all of which you really can’t do if you’ve got the kids in tow.

But our eyes were opened when we talked about the strip with friends from Hawaii. They’d just attended a family reunion and had a blast.

In Vegas? No way! Continue reading “We’re taking the kids to Vegas – deal with it!”

Did you ruin your family vacation with a business trip?

Iden looks past Orlando Convention Center to Peabody Hotel

Tempted to bring your kids along on your next business trip? You might want to resist.

At the very least, don’t lie and tell them it’s a family vacation. Because unless you plan carefully, their expectations will probably be higher than you can deliver.

Mixing business and pleasure usually starts with the best of intentions: Your business convention, meeting or negotiation is being held at a well-known family destination or famous historic city. You’re near a bucket-list attraction, like Disneyworld or the Grand Canyon, and you say to yourself, “How could I not bring the whole family?”
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Do your little brats offend travelers?

Do your little brats offend travelers?

When we were young and childless, Chris and I would joke that we loved kids one of two ways: in a cream sauce or slowly roasted over an open flame.

We still find that kind of amusing in a macabre way. So it really shouldn’t have shocked us when our little snowflake became the fly in someone’s soup at a restaurant a few years ago.

The incident happened at an airport restaurant in Detroit after a long flight. We had to let our two-year-old toddle around the restaurant a little. He grabbed a fork and walked around the table.

Seconds later, we heard another patron yelling: “What makes you think I’d want to interact with your son?” Continue reading “Do your little brats offend travelers?”