Montana is a sweet adventure on a horse named Skittles

Erysse on a horse2

At some point during our stay at Bar W Ranch in Whitefish, Mont. — I’m not sure exactly when — the candy theme hit us like a startled grizzly on a hiking trail. Which is to say, we never saw it coming.

Skittles were everywhere. We found them in our kids’ packed lunch before they headed out for a day of riding. For reasons not entirely clear to us, the multicolored candy popped up everywhere in our log cabin. Coincidentally, Skittles was also the name of our six-year-old daughter’s horse.

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Adventures in Montana’s “biggest” ghost town

Big Sky Ski Resort

The first thing you need to know about Big Sky Resort in Montana is that it’s bigger than ever.

Now that it’s merged with neighboring Moonlight Basin, it’s the biggest ski resort in the United States. How big? More than 5,750 acres of skiable terrain with 4,350 vertical feet.

Biggest skiing in America, they say.

The second, and maybe more important thing to know about it is that in mid-October, the only ones here to appreciate its bigness are the moose, the grizzly bears, and an occasional maintenance worker preparing this mountain resort for Opening Day on Thanksgiving.

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