Don’t ask for a pass on these parking offenses

When was the last time you were in a parking lot and didn’t have commentary on at least one

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Season’s eatings! What to do about those holiday extras

I’ve been dreading the arrival of the winter holiday season, since early September when the first party invitations started

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Elevator etiquette 101: Don’t stand so close to me

My arm is numb by the time the elevator reaches the fifth floor. I have ten more floors to

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If you’re sick, stay home

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Can you ever outgrow a destination?

When I found out that my lifelong friends were planning one last trip together before we left town to

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Would you wear one of these fanny packs? Honestly, now – would you?

The last thing I expected to see when I visited the new Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World was guests wearing fanny packs.

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Do sick travelers have more rights than healthy ones?

If you’re sick, stay home.

Unless you’re about to go on vacation. Then it’s OK to infect the rest of us.

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Airline misplaced my luggage, I want compensation

Question: My checked bags didn’t arrive at the airport with me. What’s the airline’s responsibility when there’s a one-day delay in receiving your luggage?

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Does traveling bring out your fear of crowds?

When I’m traveling, nothing stresses me out more than a crowd. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

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Betcha aren’t ready for winter roadways (I’m not)

The first flakes of snow are falling in the mountains of California, Utah and Colorado, even though we’re barely halfway through October.

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