Should you pack your passport on your next road trip?

If you’re traveling overseas, you know you’ll need a passport.

But what documents do you need if you’re only planning

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Forgetting yourself on Florida’s gulf coast

They’re celebrating the scallop festival this month in Gulf County, Florida. It’s another excuse to visit this largely unvisited

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You’re not eating that in my car!

There are very few things that happen inside my car that will cause me to immediately me pull over

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What are the most ridiculous reasons to cancel your trip?

My dog is sick. My knee hurts. It’s too dangerous.

Ah, the silly reasons we give for canceling a

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How’d that end up in my carry-on?

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Who needs that Apple Watch? Mickey’s got “magic” wristbands

If your friends have returned from a Disney theme park vacation sporting slim personalized wristbands in a variety of

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How to uncover frugal foodie finds on the road?

Q: How can I maximize my food budget while traveling and still get a taste for the area?


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Pack more clothes or do laundry while you travel?

Here’s a little unsolicited travel advice: When you check into the Beverly Hills Peninsula Hotel, don’t ask about the

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You have what in your carry-on bag!

Standing in long airport screening lines lends itself to some of the best people-watching. As passengers partially undress

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What to do when the natives are too friendly

We’d just finished a busy morning of touring Jackson Square and sampling pralines, and were on our way back

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