Adventures in the Grand Canyon of swamps (ghost stories not included)

Erysse and Ranger at Stephen Foster State Park

Last time we checked, blackwater swamps weren’t high on anyone’s lists of spring break destinations. Maybe they should be.

Spring is one of the best times to visit America’s southern wetlands, the wildlife is active, the mosquitos are few and the stories are unforgettable.

We picked Stephen C. Foster State Park, which lies about 18 miles deep within the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, because it’s special. Okefenokee is the Grand Canyon of swamps, one considered among the seven natural wonders of Georgia and designated a National Natural Landmark. [continue]


Are hotels really that family friendly?

Happy family of three reserving hotel on the internet using lapt

We know a thing or two about traveling with the kids. We’ve been traveling 300 days a year for more than four years.

And we’ve tried every conceivable type of accommodation: state park cabins, vacation rental homes, deluxe RVs, apartment swaps and luxury cruise ships. Even a boathouse.

And still staying at a hotel is our last choice.

Well okay, it’s right after camping on the roadside but just before sleeping in our car. [continue]


We have a TV show – really!

Sure we have our fingers in a few pies, but now we can officially say we’ve got a show. And like everything else we do, it’s as far from conventional as possible.

Over the next eight episodes we’ll be bringing you painfully honest coverage of what it’s really like to travel with or without your family. Some scenes may hit a bit too close to home. The truth hurts. Deal.


Has travel lost that lovin’ feeling?

We know, we know. In our last video, we told you about how excited we were to continue our adventure into 2014.

Well, we don’t always feel that way. Truth is, we haven’t been that excited lately — and here’s why. What follows is an explanation of where we’ve been, and where we’re heading this year.


Follow along — if you dare.


What the #$%! is happening with this site?


OK, by now you’re probably wondering: What’s happening to this site?

I’m cross-posting the answer on both affected sites, Away is Home and Souvenirist.

If you’re reading this on Away is Home, here’s what’s up: After three years of nonstop travel, the Elliott family took a much-needed break in November. We looked at where we’ve been and where we planned to go and decided to make some dramatic changes. [continue]

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Happy New Year!

New opportunities and a new show for the Elliott family in 2014. So pack your bags and don’t miss out. Happy New Year!