Why does Florida rule? Tallahassee’s historic capitol has the answer

You don't have to visit the State Capitol in Tallahassee to be reminded of all the reasons you love Florida. But it helps. Great weather? Check. The hottest tourist destinations? Roger that. More than 500 years of continuous civilization? Florida's got it, too. But a visit to the Florida Historic Capitol Museum in Tallahassee, which once served ...read more »

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Catching a little air in Florida’s “natural” county

The Florida airboat ride - a must-do for anyone visiting the Sunshine State's vast wetlands - is actually less "boat" than "air." When that massive propellor gets revved up, you practically lift off the surface of the water. If the wind is blowing, expect a wild ride. Since the 1920s, airboats have been a popular ...read more »

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This Orlando animal attraction takes a lot of crap from Disney

Not every business in Florida readily admits to taking a lot of crap from Disney. Except maybe Showcase of Citrus. As a matter of fact, this organic citrus grove, blooming with heirloom fruit trees, accepts it by the ton. The family-owned farm has what can best be described as a unique relationship with Disney's Animal ...read more »

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In Orlando, there’s a new challenge in the trees

Zip-line courses may be a prerequisite for any self-respecting tourist destination, but Orlando has a reputation for taking its attractions to new heights. The recently-opened Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park -- a series of obstacle courses set among windswept pines -- is a worthy addition. And this one's definitely got altitude. The aerial course is a ...read more »

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Yeehaw! See the sea cow roundup in Florida’s Citrus County

Every January for the last 28 years, Citrus County has commemorated the return of the sea cow -- also known as the Florida Manatee -- to their winter home with in a raucous two-day party. Think of the Florida Manatee Festival as the Sunshine State's version of the round up, minus the cowboys. When the temperatures ...read more »

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New year, new Away is Home

Welcome to the new Away is Home. Again. If you've been following our adventures — and misadventures — for the last six years, then you know this site changes with predictable regularity. Call it continuous innovation. Call it throwing spaghetti at the ceiling to see what will stick. Either way, we're always evolving, exploring, pushing the boundaries. That's ...read more »

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Season’s eatings! What to do about those holiday extras

I've been dreading the arrival of the winter holiday season, since early September when the first party invitations started showing up in my email. After all, I spent the summer months finally slimming down after the previous year's revelry. I really don't want to go through that again. Still, I'm torn between knowing that I ...read more »


If you’re sick, stay home

Thank you for reading the Away is Home newsletter. We've spun off our destination site into a new blog and newsletter -- and you're reading it. Remember, you can subscribe to our daily email newsletter here. What you need to know this week If you're so sick, why didn't you just stay home? We kick off this week's ...read more »

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Do sick travelers have more rights than healthy ones?

If you're sick, stay home. Unless you're about to go on vacation. Then it's OK to infect the rest of us. That's an almost fair statement, given the Ebola-infected nurse who flew from Cleveland to Dallas and the recent mandatory quarantines in New York and New Jersey. You have to ask yourself: Why are these people ...read more »

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