About Kari Haugeto

Kari is a serial entrepreneur with an education addiction and a profound curiosity that, more often then not, fuels some pretty incredible adventures. Currently her attention is focused on social and digital media technology and she is developing a project with her family of five and a variety of sponsors to share their cross-country adventures online in an interactive, socially responsible, educational and authentic manner.

Are you a check-splitting ninja?

The smile on the face of our waitress at Universal CityWalk’s Margaritaville seemed to slip when, at the end of our meal, my girlfriend said, “Separate checks, please.”

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Loved to death in Paris

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Warning! These falling stars could ruin your next hotel stay

On a recent business trip to Atlanta with my family, it all became as clear to me as the

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This dirty hotel secret makes me sick!

The plastic cup war, as I like to call it, broke out after an exhilarating morning of spring skiing

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Guilt-free wine tasting with kids?

Is it wrong to drink wine in front of my kids? I’m beginning to think so.

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You’re outta line!

Halfway through ordering my breakfast at a coffee shop recently, I was interrupted by a loud “really?” coming from a customer about two positions behind me.

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I need to take “before” photos of my hotel room? Seriously?

Today we’re introducing yet another feature called “What were they thinking?” It’s about the things travelers do on the

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Why do travelers stink?

We’re introducing a new feature for Tuesday: What’s my problem? It’ll deal with some of the most common travel challenges, their causes, and the solutions.

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An authentic European experience with kids? C’est possible

If you’re headed to Europe this summer, you probably have a checklist of “must-do” items.

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Do kids belong on a river cruise?

Kids? On a river cruise?

That was the first question a friend asked when we mentioned our plans to sail on the Vantage MS River Venture in France.

“What’s there for kids?” he wondered.

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