Meet the Elliott family — Aren, Iden, Erysse and their parents, Chris and Kari.

Aren had one of the first baby blogs back in 2003. His father, Chris, publishes a travel site and writes for National Geographic Traveler and the Washington Post.

Kari has an MBA and was building websites before most people knew there was an Internet. The two youngsters are Iden and Erysse. They have interesting names, and they’re cute. Here’s a little more about the family.

In 2011, the Elliotts began an open-ended, cross-country trip across the United States, learning about history, culture and geography.

In 2013, they invited their friends to join them, creating a group-written travel blog. In 2014, Away is Home became the official destination site for Travelers United and part of one of the largest travel blog networks in the nation.

You can follow the Elliotts on this site or track them on Twitter or Facebook.

See you out there!