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Editor and publisher

Kari Square HeadKari Haugeto

Kari Haugeto is the editor and publisher of Away is Home and the founding curator of the USA Today New Media Awards. She made her operatic debut at Lincoln Center at age 7, has trained Naval Academy midshipmen how to Scuba dive, and has more postgraduate degrees than children. She’s addicted to spirited arguments (especially ones she can win) and Ariana’s adorable cat videos. Contact her at [email protected].

Contributing editors

April Walker

April Walker is a freelance adventure travel writer and registered nurse who lives in Dallas, Texas. April solo travels, and loves to tempt others with her adventure articles and photos to leave the mundane and explore the extraordinary. She has two begging teenagers, three vicious cats, and a sweet pit bull named Velma Kelley. When April is not traveling or writing, she is an elbow model for the JCPenney Christmas catalog.

Michelle M. Winner

Michelle M. Winner is a freelance writer and online lifestyles and travel editor. She is president of International Food Wine & Travel Writers Assoc., and member of SATW and SPJ. Former careers include ”stewardess” and commercial interior designer. She keeps her passport in hand ready for the next trip. As an award-winning culinary travel writer and confirmed food-o-phile she delights in eating in a taverna as much as a Michelin 5-star. For her the joy is in the discovery of local gastronomy and how that relates to the food history of a place. She is an international food judge, travel writers’ conference speaker, and travel book author.

Peggy White-Davis

Peggy White-Davis is a freelance and technical writer who lives in O’Fallon, Missouri. In addition to traveling with her husband, she is not afraid to strike out on her own in search of new and exciting locales. This August they will be journeying to Scotland for the first time. Peggy is also a published music arranger. When not writing, she volunteers as a biographer for hospice patients in the St. Louis area.

Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson is a Minnesota-based freelance writer who has authored many articles on history, sports, food and travel for a variety of publications.

Contributing writers

Jordan Bressler
Christopher Elliott
Stuart Gustafson
Elle Metz

The Origin of Away Is Home

Away is Home was originally the personal travel blog of the Elliott family — Aren, Iden, Erysse and their parents, Chris and Kari. Back in 2011, they began an open-ended, cross-country trip across the United States, learning about history, culture and geography.

In 2013, they invited their friends to join them, creating a group-written travel blog that focuses on all aspects of family, multi-generational and group travel, with a special emphasis on the most talked-about topics.

Although the family is still traveling, the site has expanded to include insights and advice from many seasoned travelers with Kari remaining at the editorial helm. You can still find updates on the family’s latest adventures. Here’s a little more about the family. And here’s a brief history about this site.

You can also follow the Elliotts on this site or track them on Twitter or Facebook.