A brief history of Away is Home

Away is Home started in 2001, when the Elliott family began posting photos of their son, Aren, online. It was one of the first baby blogs.

In 2003, National Geographic asked Aren’s dad, Christopher, to create a blog about family travel for Nationalgeographic.com. The project evolved into a series of blog posts for the site.

When Aren’s brother and sister were old enough to travel, they had an opportunity to expand their journeys beyond their home state. In 2010, the family created Away is Home.

Originally, Away is Home covered family travel for an audience of families. Within a few years, and for various reasons, it expanded into more of a conversation about the travel experience.

Today, Away is Home is a group-written travel site written by various family members. The day-to-day content focuses on a lively conversation about traveling, with an emphasis on group travel, including travel with families, pets and special needs.

Where will Away is Home take us next? We don’t know. As travel blogging evolves, and as our careers change, we are open to opportunities.

Thank you for reading our site.