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Ghostbusters Zaros Bakery

Turns out there’s a whole bunch of places that serve hot dogs here. It’s a thing. After looking over the competition, I began to wonder why there aren’t any scenes in this historic railstop. We had a fantastic time exploring each level and walking down the smooth marble steps into the underground food concourse.

Zaro’s Bakery is off in a far corner but they have a decent selection of specialty dogs and most importantly plenty of seating nearby. As we waited for our feast, the kids shared stories about our Ghostbuster pilgrimage with anyone who would listen. Too soon we left with one of each selection from the menu to settled down for lunch. We weren’t as messy as the spudhead, but we definitely ate enough.

Zaros Bakery Hot Dogs azithromycin 250 Zuul the Gatekeeper of Gozer

At the end of a long day wandering the streets of Manhattan from Columbia University to City Hall, we picked up a few supplies for our scene reenactments. I think this was the kids favorite part. It was a little messy but we all had a good time.

On that evening, we tried to recreate Louis Tully’s party in our hotel room (sorry, Marriott!). We were sure to include smoked salmon from Nova Scotia and brie. The kids were a little disappointed that Vinz Clortho, the Keymaster, didn’t emerge from the bedroom.

Ghostbusters Reenactment Marriott

Our next scenes were set in the kitchen of Dana Barrett. You may remember when Dana returns with groceries and objects start to levitate in her kitchen. It’s the scene when she is chosen to be the host for Zuul. The eggs we tossed on the counter cracked but none of them fried. I’m afraid we’re lacking in ghostly powers, to the relief of the hotel’s housekeeping staff.

In a later scene in the movie, Barrett is sucked into a refrigerator while seated in a white chair. We used the wheeled desk seat to zip around the kitchen but no one was chosen by Zuul. That’s probably for the best.

Now that we’ve had our fun in New York, we’re looking forward to watching the new reboot. We hear that many of the scenes were filmed in Maine. Sounds like another road trip to me.