Don’t do this when you travel with kids

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Passports aren’t the only thing to worry about. If your surname isn’t the same as your child’s, you may need to prove you have permission to travel with your own offspring. It sounds strange, but the fact that he calls you Mommy or Daddy may not be enough. Airlines and cruise lines don’t want to get involved in a messy custody battle, so they may ask for a letter from your spouse, partner or significant other granting permission to travel. What kind of documentation works? Sometimes a recent letter (less than three months old) is sufficient, but a travel company may also ask for a copy of a court order granting sole legal custody to you, a judicial declaration of incompetence of the other parent or a death certificate for the other parent. I know from experience. We’ve been asked.

Waffle Lab 1000

cialis without a doctors prescription Don’t pack too many clothes, but don’t skimp on food

The misallocation is a classic newbie mistake. If you run out of clean clothes, you can always find a laundromat. But for some reason, kids consume several times their body weight every day when they’re on the road. They’re bored, so they eat. The last thing you want is to be halfway across the Pacific or through the Sonoran desert, with no food for hundreds of miles around, and to run out. I have been there. It’s no fun. As a bonus, your luggage will be significantly lighter when you arrive. Worst mistake? Packing the wrong snacks. Stay away from anything sticky, crumbly or overly car by and go for natural, unprocessed foods. Apples hold up really well on the road. So do carrots. Most dried fruit can survive several road trips. You’ll thank me after the first summer downpour, when you can actually see the floor of the back seat of instead of a gooey layer of Oreo crumbs, moist breakfast cereal and gummy bears. Oh yeah, been there.

kamagra bestellen Pack tools for dead-time entertainment

Long flights and road trips can be tedious, even for adults. Our motto is: Equip but restrict. We offer our kids everything they need to bide the time, with a heavy emphasis on educational material. But the entertainment isn’t unlimited. For every Netflix and Rhapsody account, there’s an e-book or an instructive game. Fun time is earned, not an entitlement. Here’s a tip: Don’t download all of the apps on the same device. That way, you’ll have an “entertainment” tablet and an “education” tablet. The education tablet is always charged and ready to be used. Extra-well-behaved kids can take turns with the entertainment tablet, but in measured doses. And the not-so-well-behaved are invited to look out the window and ponder their misdeeds. Hey, it’s character-building.

19513752009_791eb0df9f_h viagra buy Don’t overschedule your trip

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. By trying to squeeze a lifetime’s worth of events into a few short days, you will drive your entire family off the deep end. This is a theme park no-no — starting the day at 8 a.m. when the park doors swing open and powering through until the last firework pops at 9 p.m. Your kids will hate you, regardless of their ages. Plan lots of breaks, including a long and leisurely lunch. Choose a handful of the best attractions instead of trying to see them all. Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld will still be here next year, and you want your family to like you when you come home, right? homepage Don’t go there

Las Vegas. Baden-Baden, Germany. Macau. These are not family travel destinations, and although it would seem obvious, it merits repeating: Don’t take your family there unless your kids are older than 21. My middle child was fascinated with Las Vegas when he was 8, so we visited. Although he enjoyed a few things (Cirque du Soleil has some G-rated shows, and he spent way too much time at that huge Whole Foods near the airport, contemplating dessert), Sin City revealed itself as a strictly adult playground. If you don’t believe me, try taking a kid into a casino hotel, then stand in front of the slot machines. In less than a minute, a manager will materialize and order you to keep walking. Something about Nevada gaming laws. Face it, if you’re on the road with your family, there are places you won’t want to go and where they won’t want you. Find something age-appropriate.


www Don’t forget to pack your sense of humor

If being chased out of a Vegas resort while pulling an 8-year-old behind you or wading through a one-inch layer of soggy cookies on the floor of your SUV isn’t comedy material, maybe you didn’t bring a playful attitude. You should. Believe me, your kids have. For them, everything is funny. I remember when Mom tried to pay the toll with her Navy Federal Visa in Italy, with a long line of cars behind us, and she accidentally dropped the plastic on the road. The kids laughed. I remember getting pulled over on a Florida highway because we happened to be driving a “car of interest” like one used to commit a recent felony. Giggles from the back seat. I remember accidentally leaving a sleeping child at dinner on a cruise ship (we found him eventually). The other two kids found that hilarious. Point is, if you can see the levity in these inevitable screw-ups that happen when you travel with children, you won’t stress out on the road. I wish I laughed a little more and fretted a little less. Don’t we all? shop Don’t forget to spend time with the kids

Perhaps the biggest mistake parents make when they take their kids on vacation is treating them as if they’re luggage. You’ve probably seen them with their sad eyes, left in day care while their parents go out to dinner. Or stuck in a resort’s “kids program” while their parents vacation as if they’re childless. Stop that. You only have 18 summers with your offspring, if you’re lucky. When you check into the hotel, and your kids ask you to go to the pool with them, just go. When they beg you to take them on that theme park ride one more time, do it. When they ask you to take another day or two off from work so you can extend your vacation, do them and yourself a favor, and ask for the time off. You’ll never regret the extra time you spend with your children.

All the challenges aside, traveling with kids is a privilege. Watching our own youngsters grow up on the road is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. Maybe some of the lessons I’ve learned will make you feel the same way about traveling with your kids.