A city of tradition in the wilds of Canada’s northwest

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RCMP Salute

We visited the RCMP Heritage Centre, which has exhibits and multimedia displays that explain the RCMP’s origins. If you want to know more about the uniforms they wore, the way they traveled around before roads were built, or how their role in keeping the peace has changed, you’ll find it here. You can even dress up as a Mountie.

If you’re lucky, you’ll time your visit so you can view the midday practice parade at the neighboring RCMP Academy, Depot Division, the training center that produces all of today’s future Mounties.


For American visitors who may not know much about Canada (we admit, that was us!), Regina can be an unexpected discovery in the middle of a vast windblown province. But if you’re taking a cross-country trip, as we were, all the pieces of the puzzle start to fit together. It’s just one of the unexpected discoveries you make out here, and at a time you’re least expecting to make it.