Why we travel

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It’s the drama and adventure that attracts Kari to travel. Those are key elements to the stories she shares online. Without the constant travel schedule, check-ins and check-outs, rest stops and restaurants, life just wouldn’t be as interesting.

What does it take? Nerves of steel and meticulous planning skills. Neither of which she says she has (but her family disagrees).

Still, disaster follows her around.

A few years ago, a planned trip to Montreal and Quebec City shifted from a fun road trip to a terrifying natural disaster as earthquakes, floods and hurricane tracked the family up the east coast.

More recently at a waterfront cabin in Carlisle, Pa., they spend a nerve wracking night following the NOAA website watching the water levels of the river rise, flooding out much of the city. The car wasn’t washed away but it took a few hours to extract it from the muddy plain.

kamagra oral jelly at walgreens Chris (slightly older than 29)

Travel is field research for Chris. He’s a consumer advocate with a specialty in travel, so when he’s on the road, he observes how other people travel — and it makes me a more effective advocate.

You can’t know how travelers feel about fees until you’re hit with a surprise surcharge. And you don’t really understand bad service until someone hands you the key to a room that’s already occupied or that hasn’t been cleaned. Or the gas station tries to charge you a higher price because you’re using a credit card. It’s just something you need to experience before you can understand it.

The kids are still wondering why he had to cross the road so many times to get gas in Willis, Calif., getting increasingly angry each time he did. Here’s an explanation.

Travel teaches Chris how to be a more effective consumer advocate, whether it’s a visit to the human rights museum in Winnipeg or dinner at a barbecue joint in a remote place.

We travel for all kinds of reasons, as you can see. But most of all, we travel because we love to spend time together. Oh sure, we argue (doesn’t every family?) But we also love being around each other and experiencing the world together.