When not to stay with friends

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You know the comparison between houseguests and fish, after three days they both start to smell. Well, there’s a little truth behind that. And I speak from personal experience. Over the past five years we’ve stayed with friends and family for as long as three weeks at a time. Never again.

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Is having a private quarters important to you, or would you feel comfortable sleeping on a couch in the living room? How about the kids? Before you agree to spend the night you’ll need to be able to answer those questions and be willing to ask your host.

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Cohabiting can strain even the strongest relationships, but when you’re under the additional stress of traveling with the family things can get complicated. You want to not only stay with somebody you know well, but who also knows you well.

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So when she offered the use of her guest room, we didn’t hesitate. The answer was yes, all the way.

We hiked along the Erie Canal, shared an incredible meal at a nearby Greek restaurant, and gossiped about our high school friends. In the morning, we left with warm hugs and a promise to see each other again soon.

The prefect visit.