Overheard in Minneapolis, dontcha know?

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That sense of surprise and openness to new things comes through when you hear a local blurt out, “never seen that before.” And there’s no cynical edge or put down to the phrase. It’s simply a joyful expression of interest.

sexy feeling tablets names medicine “It could be worse.”

People from Minneapolis are often hopelessly optimistic. But if you think it means they’re accepting of hard times you’d be wrong.

Minneapolis has experienced more than its fair share of ups and downs. And I’m not just talking about the temperature shifts from summer to winter. But they always take it on the chin and use it as an opportunity to create something better.

Ruins and bridge

Back in 1878, the Washburn A Mill was leveled by a flour dust explosion and ⅓ of the city’s flour production was halted. By 1880, Washburn rebuilt a new, improved mill that made it the largest producer of flour in the world and resolved the problem of flour dust. The dust would be collected and repackaged for use by animal food producers.

Over time the mill became obsolete and by 1965 production was moved to the suburbs, the factory decommissioned and cleaned out. It’s facade became a weary expression of the city’s former glory as it reimagined itself into it’s current haven for Fortune 500 companies.

Museum Big

Then, in 1991, fire broke out further ravaging the historic site. Instead of tearing the building apart, transitioning to condos or turning it into a casino, the city preserved the remains creating the Mill City Museum.

The museum celebrates the contributions of the mill and the mill workers to the community from the 1870s to 1965 through living interviews and interactives.

Cherry MNPS

It’s a pattern that continues today.

You find it in the eight miles of Minneapolis Skyway connecting buildings across the city, in the ashes of the Metrodome where the new Viking’s Stadium cuts through like a ship churning through the asphalt and with a cherry on top at the Walker Art Center Sculpture Gardens.

Could be worse really means, it’s actually pretty good — dontcha know?