What do you do during Orlando’s Frozen summer?

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I’ve lived in almost every climate, from subarctic to subtropical, and I keep coming back here, although I’m not entirely sure why. It can’t be the torrential rainstorms that strike like clockwork every afternoon. No, it’s not the ridiculous humidity that smothers you, making your clothes cling to you like cellophane, and it’s definitely not the triple digit, character-building heat.

Perhaps it’s the payoff that comes later. During the winter, while everyone else is covered under a blanket of snow, it feels more like late spring in Orlando. All the windows are open — no need to run the air conditioning. Life is good…. very good.

But strangely, inexplicably, people here do miss the summer. They look forward to it, even though they know what comes with it. It’s the trade-off — fewer tourists, but hotter weather.

And for all the fathers of seven-year-old girls, there’s also the Frozen sing-along.

Thanks, Uncle Walt.