A real adventure in Utah’s canyons

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Bryce is like another planet, and it was fittingly our final stop on our tour de canyon adventure. Words can never adequately describe this place, with its pink arches and rock formations and hoodoos.

Even a photo isn’t enough. There is a feeling you get from being next to these ancient rocks that you will never experience again. It’s as if you are next to something ancient, wise, even alien. We hiked a few miles into the Bryce Canyon Amphitheater, a natural bowl that contains an almost infinite variety of rock variations. The cameras never stopped rolling, out of respect.

If you’ve ever been to Utah, maybe you know what I’m talking about. Lucky you. But you might not be aware of the transformative power of the great Utah wilderness. My three kids were not hikers before this trip. In fact, my daughter feigned illness or would hide when we said we wanted to take a walk.

After Utah, she stopped avoiding our family walks. When you’ve seen what she’s seen, you get it. Adventure isn’t something derived from a video game or the latest Hollywood blockbuster downloaded onto a tiny iPhone screen. It’s experienced at the edge of a canyon, at the foot of a hoodoo, at the face of a cliff.

We are forever changed by Utah, and for the better.

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