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Was this the perfect riverboat cruise? Maybe. Our middle son thought the ship didn’t move fast enough. It would be more fun, he suggested, if the bow of the vessel was coming up out of the water, like a speedboat.


Our daughter felt that the meals didn’t have enough chocolate. But she’s always complaining about that, even on land. And our oldest son, Aren, grumbled whenever the Wi-Fi hotspot slowed down, as it inevitably did in the early evening, when everyone on the vessel tried to post to Facebook at precisely the same time.

All that said, we would take another riverboat cruise — yes, avec enfants — in a New York minute. You really feel connected to the country when you are at river level, in a way that you don’t with a motor coach tour or on an ocean cruise.

Maybe the real question should be: Why don’t more families try riverboat cruising?

I suppose it’s easier to book a Disney cruise and be done with it, if a cruise is the thing you want to do. But hey, it’s Europe and we’d give anything to see the Disney Magic try to make its way up the Seine.

That would probably be a short cruise. But one worth watching from the banks of the Seine, at a safe distance.

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