Are hotels really that family friendly?

We know a thing or two about traveling with the kids. We’ve been traveling 300 days a year for more than four years.

And we’ve tried every conceivable type of accommodation: state park cabins, vacation rental homes, deluxe RVs, apartment swaps and luxury cruise ships. Even a boathouse.

And still staying at a hotel is our last choice.

Well okay, it’s right after camping on the roadside but just before sleeping in our car.

Unless of course it’s one of those multi-bedroom extended-stay suites. With a full kitchen.

For us it usually comes down to a hotel’s lack of food preparation options but there’s a few other things that make staying at a hotel scary for parents.

That had us wondering what other people thought about hotels that cater to families.

What’s your experience staying in hotels with the family been like?

And do you agree that a hotel is no place for a family?

2 thoughts on “Are hotels really that family friendly?

  1. Hello
    We are not overly fond of hotels either. Eating out 3 meals a day for 4 people adds up very quickly. Having a kitchen (not a “kitchenette”) with all of the supplies is a huge plus. Also, mom and dad enjoy a little privacy. Having separate bedrooms is another huge plus. In general hotels are fine for a single quick night, but not more.

  2. If a hotel has a full-kitchen and separate bedrooms – great! But we’ve only stayed in hotels so I really have nothing to compare them to…

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