Adventures in Montana’s “biggest” ghost town clomiphene

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Beyond the campus and past the Bobcat’s football stadium, we found the Museum of the Rockies, a fossil depository for ancient wildlife that once roamed the plains. Though the geology and ancient artifacts of the area are the emphasis of the collection – and the dinosaur bones are wicked awesome – we found the Yellowstone exhibit to be of greatest interest. Didn’t you want to know what Yellowstone was like before it became the first national park?

And you thought the grizzlies were terrifying.

viagra pill Look! Mountains!

Even if you don’t go anywhere, there’s plenty to see. Pale-faced Lone Mountain, the dominant snow-covered peak at Big Sky Resort, puts on a remarkable show every morning, slowly shifting from its pre-dawn blue-white to early-morning pink. It’s especially dramatic as the moon phase shifts from full to waning gibbous. Then you have the added startling vision of cold moon just above the shifting colors on the mountaintop.

Frost-drenched grasses along the steaming Gallatin River create another haunting early morning vision. Highway 191 races alongside the Gallatin’s rapids, whose golden-leaved tree lined banks contrast richly with the deep green conifers and steely grays boulders reaching above the valley. Simply the colors of autumn are enough to steal your breath, but the dramatic effect of the steaming waters and sparkling ice-glazed straw at first light are truly awe-inspiring.

Our family prefers to visit parks out of season for the very reason many people avoid them. Simply put, there’s not a lot going on.

We don’t mind the limited restaurant hours, boarded up shops, endless quiet, empty roads or lack of other visitors. It simplifies the experience, reducing distractions. We’re happy to commune with nature, fire up the grill at our vacation rental and take advantage of the plentiful wildlife in all its forms.

That was especially easy to do in the weeks before ski season opens at the “biggest” ghost town in Montana.

Lone Peak Dawn Moon