#Familytravel reunion: Summer road trips

We’re thrilled to be doing our first Away is Home #Familytravel reunion about summer road trips.

The event will take place right here. On this page starting at 6 p.m. EDT on Thursday, May 23, 2013.

It’s happening across all major social media, from Twitter to Google Plus to Facebook. But you can see most of the action right here if you just want to watch. Which is fine with us.

Right after the reunion, we’ll live stream our after party with special guest Charlie Leocha from the Consumer Travel Alliance.

Here’s our Twitter Feed

So, what’s a #Familytravel Reunion? Well, simply put, it’s an interactive, cross-platform adventure starring you. Here are the details.

You already know our big secret. We’re taking some of our summer road trips in our clunker. (Not all of them — thanks, Hertz.)

How about you? Where are you going? How are you getting there? What are you looking forward to?

We’ll be giving away tickets for the new Hidden Harbor Tour aboard the luxury yacht Zephyr in New York. Now through Sept. 24, visitors to New York City can go behind the scenes of the inner-workings of the bustling New York Harbor. Three new “Beyond Sandy”-themed tours depart Pier 16 South Street Seaport. Here are the details.

You can send us your questions by email or post them under the #familytravel hashtag on Twitter or Google Plus.

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We’ll also post event invites to our Facebook and Google Plus pages. Follow us there and let us know you’re coming to the party!


See you there.

4 thoughts on “#Familytravel reunion: Summer road trips

  1. Heading from PA to Kansas City late this summer. My sister in law is expecting and we can’t wait to meet our new nephew….OH, and taste some BBQ from “The Wood yard” which is fairly famous and owned by my brother in laws family. Tony Bourdain gives is a thumbs up so I can’t wait.

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