Are you a summer fun or winter wonderland vacationer?

Brewster's Sleigh Ride at Lake Louise

When winter winds blow and the temperatures dip below freezing do you long for a tropical island getaway or are you packing the long johns and headed to the mountains for snow play?

On a recent trip to Alberta, Canada we met many folks from Australia working at the ski mountains. “Hey isn’t it summer in Australia right now?” we’d ask and they all admitted to chasing winter white. I guess we’ll find out what the fuss is next month when we visit the land down under.

I really shouldn’t speculate either, after all we ditched Florida‘s mild temperatures to find chilling adventures in the Rockies. And yesterday’s 8 inch snow dumping on Keystone Mountain warmed our hearts. I hope we get some more before we head over to Beaver Creek.

But many of our friends who live in the winter wonderlands we covet will find their way down to parts south or the Caribbean seeking sun over snow.

Which way do you go?

During winter, do you prefer a tropical getaway or head for the mountains to vacation?

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4 thoughts on “Are you a summer fun or winter wonderland vacationer?

  1. When I used to live in temperate New Jersey, “escaping” winter was a real choice between heading north for winter sports or south to drink in the sun. Now that I’m in northern Vermont where it’s winter “nine months of the year” – the appeal of even 10 days of heat is seductive.

  2. We’re true Geminis (Kari, Aren and I) so we fluctuate between liking summer and winter. Nice to be in Florida, but we are almost always on the road these days. Hello from Keystone, Colo.

  3. I could find reasons for both, but for us, there’s nothing like a beach and a body of water with nothing to do. So we lean toward summer 🙂

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