Destination of the day: The Old Post Office, Washington DC

The Old Post Office

If you’re visiting Washington DC, you’ll probably make a stop by the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue. Just a few blocks away is the Old Post Office.

Aren at the Old Post Office TowerThis is a good spot to catch a motorcade carrying the president or vice president when they’re in town, but even better this lesser-known attraction has phenomenal views, is significantly less crowded, has public rest rooms, air conditioning and is free.

The building itself was built in 1899 and at 315 feet high, its tower is the third tallest in the capital district. There is an observation deck at 210 feet with some incredible views and just below is the century old tower clock which you can see from the inside. The tower also houses the Congress Bells, replicas of those at London’s Westminster Abbey and given as a Bicentennial gift from England commemorating friendship between the nations.

Kari Haugeto

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