A Postcard from Holiday Isle, Destin, Florida

Our first stop to celebrate Florida’s 500 years of tourism was to the Panhandle. Sure, Ponce de Leon arrived on the other coast, but the white sandy beaches of Panama City and Destin are our favorites in the winter months. Even when it is a windy and rainy day! And our newest discovery is Holiday Isle, a community of private homes and resorts set along canals and beachfront. Our vacation rental was a wonderful six bedroom cottage with its own dock, heated pool and hot tub located a short walk from the beach.

Kari Haugeto

Kari is a serial entrepreneur with an education addiction and a profound curiosity that, more often then not, fuels some pretty incredible adventures. Currently her attention is focused on social and digital media technology and she is developing a project with her family of five and a variety of sponsors to share their cross-country adventures online in an interactive, socially responsible, educational and authentic manner.

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