AwayIsHome Season 2, Episode 1: Iden is outta here

It’s been five weeks since the Elliott family returned from Hawaii and despite the holidays the kids are getting antsy. Family travel may be an addiction.

But before Chris and Kari can get plans together for their next trip, Iden snaps. He’s ready for a road trip with or without the family.

Where will he go? What will they do next?

2 thoughts on “AwayIsHome Season 2, Episode 1: Iden is outta here

  1. Reminds me of a similar thing I did 60+ years ago. I ran away from home with a suitecase and the dog. Unknown to me my grandfather was following me. I walked to a nearby park, and sat there for a while eating some crackers I had taken, when he walked up and said it was fine for me to run away but the dog could not run away and so he was taking the dog home. Needless to say that burst my bubble and I sat there and cried most of the afternoon. Of course he had his eye on me the whole time, it was getting dark and near dinner time when he strolled by again and asked me if I would like to walk home with him. I jumped at the chance. Running away is something many of us think about as kids and some of us do it and learn the hard way. He is lucky to be able to travel I never went anywhere but to school when I was young that was my world.

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