I can’t believe we did that last year!

One of my favorite memories of 2012 was our visit to the Holiday Inn Resort in Lake George, New York. This was our first time staying at one of the resorts that promise family activities and fun. We had such a great time, I’m sure we’ll be coming back.

It was a stop along our East Coast road trip which started in June and ended in July. We drove from our home in Central Florida and made stops in the Outer Banks of North Carolina; Manhattan, New York; Rockland, Maine; Beverly, Massachusetts and Andes which is part of New York’s Catskill Mountains and home to my parents.

You can imaging that we needed the R&R after that haul. So it was a very nice break to enjoy poolside movies and fireworks as well as the kids club which gave Chris and I the time we needed to catch up on our video production.

I still can’t believe we drove on to Ocean City, Maryland then Daytona, Florida before making our way home. What a great trip!

Kari Haugeto

Kari is a serial entrepreneur with an education addiction and a profound curiosity that, more often then not, fuels some pretty incredible adventures. Currently her attention is focused on social and digital media technology and she is developing a project with her family of five and a variety of sponsors to share their cross-country adventures online in an interactive, socially responsible, educational and authentic manner.