What do you do when your hotel goes nuts?

My head was clearly not in the game after 29 days island hopping in Hawaii. So it took a moment to figure out why my kids looked so guilty after we checked into our room at the Holiday Inn Waikiki Beachcomber Resort.

At the check-in desk, the hotel staff greeted us with two boxes of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, which were promptly claimed by the children. But when we arrived in our room, we found two more boxes of nuts.

Total boxes: 4.

But that wasn’t the end of it. Oh, no.

Not ten minutes later there was a knock on the door. A handsome clerk delivered two more boxes of macadamia nuts.

“Wow Mommy, we’ve got six boxes of chocolates!” our daughter Erysse gushed as the door clicked closed.

The kids went crazy. They were jumping on the beds and singing the “I love chocolate song” and running room to room. Yeah, they were pretty happy.

Let’s just say that was one of the most memorable welcomes we’ve ever had.

In the end, we confiscated the boxes and put them in a, um, safe place.

You could probably guess what happened to the extra boxes.(Hint: it’s the holidays.)

Have you ever had a similarly over-the-top gift experience at a hotel? And what did you do with the unexpected present?

What would you do if your hotel accidentally delivered too many treats?

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9 thoughts on “What do you do when your hotel goes nuts?

  1. Browns Hotel In London, by the far the most attentive hotel I have ever stayed in. Upon check in there was a fairly opulent gift waiting for me in my room. The gift basket was filled with nuts and liquor … I am deathly allergic to nuts and do not drink. On the way out I was asked if I enjoyed my welcome gift and quietly mentioned it was more than I ever expected from a hotel, but couldn’t enjoy it.

    When I went back to my room that evening I found the whole gift basket swapped out with an endless supplied of cookies, pretzels, candies, a pyramid of Coke cans and a shaving amenity kit that when Iooked it up had a retail value in excess of US$125. The mini bar was also swapped out, all the booze was swapped for Coke and Ginger Ale, all the nuts were replaced with chocolates.

    With this was a hand written note apologizing for their being unaware of my nut allergy and that I did not drink (not like they could have known and I never expected to find a gift basket like this when I checked in). What I did with it was … bring all the chocolates home for my kids :0)

  2. rofl – that’s hotel staffers for you… and I bet the kids automatically charmed (without effort, believe me!) them into bringing more boxes… I’m the same way – I’m a sucker for kids and pets, and I have been known to deliver extra treats just because. lol

  3. They were so nice, and you’re right about the kids using their charm. By the time we left most of the staff knew them on sight.

  4. Ha ha ha ha! I still don’t know how we fit all six boxes in our carry-on luggage for the trip home.

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