Would you feed this to your kids?

I have a confession to make. One of my favorite things to do when we travel is to go to the grocery store.

It’s true.

You never know what you’ll find on the shelves.

And I should know. In the last year our family has driven through 41 states and I visited at least one grocery store in each. It’s one of the hidden benefits of staying in vacation rental homes or at specialty resorts that include kitchens.

As I’m walking down the aisle I often wonder, does anybody really buy this stuff?

Case in point is the new Shake-N-Pour cupcake mix we spotted at our local Publix supermarket. I’m sorry Betty Crocker but “just add water” doesn’t bolster my confidence in your mix. FYI, I don’t normally use cake mixes, and I never use ones that remove the need for nutritionally beneficial ingredients, like eggs.

If you’ve ever seen Bill Cosby’s Chocolate Cake for Breakfast routine you will know what I mean by “the need for nutritionally beneficial ingredients.” Yes, Dads – and occasionally Moms – will be like Bill and just let them eat cake at six o’clock in the morning.

But what do you think? Is this something you would buy? Maybe use to make cupcakes for your family and/or friends? Or are you thinking, “yuck-o!”

Let me know, and if we get enough comments I might just test out this product and let you know how it tastes.

Would you use Shake-N-Pour and serve it to your family and friends?

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19 thoughts on “Would you feed this to your kids?

  1. It likely has powdered eggs and milk in it, which you are certainly eating without realizing it a lot of times when you eat out.

  2. Kari, it could have powdered eggs in it which makes it easier to use by just adding water. I typically wouldn’t use this myself, but maybe in a pinch or on vacation, I might get it. It’s another convenience thing. Make some up, I’m sure it will be ok, it’s Betty Crocker.

  3. “Instant” pancake mixes only need water too, thanks to powdered milk and eggs in the dry batter. But I hate to think what they used to replace the oil!

  4. I don’t like the packaged pancake mixes very much. I like to make them from scratch. But when we’re on the road I look for the mix that needs eggs and oil and try to cover the “box flavor” with cinnamon and ginger.

  5. Chris, the tables have turned! Now it’s MY turn to give YOU advice. STEP AWAY FROM THE SHAKE AND POUR!! Please do not feed this chemistry lab concoction to your children! The entire reason I have a food blog is to try to get people into the kitchen to make their own homemade food versus buying pre-made, overprocessed, nutrition-less “food.” I understand that you are travelling a lot and don’t have the luxury of being able to have a fully stocked kitchen to be able to do this, but just skip the cupcakes if this is your only option! Buy them a treat from a nice bakery you find somewhere along the way, and when you do get home, get those kids in the kitchen and teach them the value of being able to create their own cupcakes and healthier treats…and here’s a good recipe to get them started: http://christinascucina.blogspot.com/2012/11/pumpkin-carrot-cupcakes-or-cake-with.html

  6. No No No, and in case I stuttered, NO!!! This isn’t even Betty Crocker’s stuff. I doubt someone like Ms. Crocker herself would suggest “To-Go” Brownie mix (essentially what this is, since it removes the eggs, and you can find an oven in any extended stay hotel) and if she did do this, SHAME!

  7. Thank you, Chris!! That’s so nice of you to say! 🙂 Keep an eye out for the LA Times Dec. 15th Food Section as my Snow Cookie was chosen as one of the Top 10 in the Holiday Cookie Bakeoff this year!

  8. I said yes so Chris would end up trying it. Lots of places use powdered eggs, why would this be any different? How many packaged products are made with powdered eggs?

  9. I’m not a super-strict natural/organic foods kind of person, but I do look at labels, and if there’s just lots of stuff there with she-blinded-me-with-science kinda names, I’d be likely to put it back. I get these strange visuals of being “well-preserved” when I see stuff like that. Probably one of the reasons I avoided Twinkies and that sort of thing as an adult… I mean, Samoan food is already fattening, don’t think I need the help…

  10. I voted yes, and here’s why: if I’m feeding cupcakes to my kids, I already know that it’s not good for them (all that sugar makes it fall in the “unhealthy” category right from the get-go). If they are eating a cupcake, it’s a rare treat…one that they will get only when appropriate (birthday party, special occasion). I’m not going to differentiate between mix cupcakes and home-made cupcakes…although *I* would certainly prefer a home-baked one, just for the taste! But the kids wouldn’t know the difference. It’s a cupcake. They get cupcakes at other places – other kids’ birthday parties, the classroom, the soccer game – and I don’t ask the other moms if the cupcakes were baked from scratch.

    Plus, if I’m the mom tapped to bring cupcakes to the bake sale, I’m going for simplicity. Pouring it straight out of a bottle that looks like it should contain Tide works for me! I guarantee you the other moms aren’t going to know, or ask, where the mix came from. And if they taste like they were made with Tide, the kids probably won’t notice.

    Now if you were asking if I’d make these for myself, the answer is not just no, it’s YUCK no. But kids’ taste buds are not so discerning. And cupcakes should be such a rare treat that the chemistry experiment ingredients don’t scare me. The vast majority of what my family eats is home-made from wholesome ingredients…the occasional chem-lab cupcake is not gonna kill ’em.

    Please do bake up a batch, and let us know if this is one only for bake sales and birthday parties…or if the grownups can actually stomach them.

  11. Quick confession time. I was reminded by my kids that I do sometimes use a mix for cupcakes. I like the Sprinkles Cupcake Mix found at William-Sonoma.

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