Color Wow with Photoshop

Sometimes you want to change the colors in a picture you took. Maybe it was over exposed and the image washed out or you want to make the shades more intense. Maybe you just want to change the color in one spot to make it look weird. You can do all these things in Photoshop, here’s how.

I chose this picture of a butterfly I took when visiting Lake Erie and Ohio with my family. We took a trip to the Butterfly House at Perry’s Cave in Put-In-Bay and I was able to get some great shots.

Change the whole image.
Step 1: Open your picture in Photoshop.

Step 2: The image side bar is on the right side of your picture. Click the Adjustments tab.

Step 3: Open the Hue/Saturation adjustment by clicking the icon with three rectangles

LOOK: This adds a layer called Hue/Saturation in the layers sidebar below.

TRY: To make adjustments to the entire image you can move the Hue, Saturation and/or Lightness sliders. Return all values to zero if you want to continue with this tutorial.

Change a selection.
There are several ways to make a selection we use the quick selection tool in this tutorial.

Step 4: Beneath the Adjustments sidebar is the Layers tab. Along the bottom you will find menu icons. Click the vector mask icon, which look like a rectangle with a circle inside. This lets us make changes to selections.

Step 5: Go to the tools menu on the right side of your picture. Choose the Quick Selection Tool, which looks like a paintbrush drawing a dotted circle.

LOOK: Now your pointer looks like a circle with a + in the center.

Step 6: Select the areas you want to change by click dragging the icon over the area. Remember, if you select too much you can use the option key to deselect (the + turns into a -).

Step 7: Once you’re happy with the selection press Command Shift I to select the inverse. Now everything except the areas you want to change is selected.

Step 8: Go to the tools menu on the right side of your picture. Choose the Paint Bucket tool and make the color of the paint black. Pour the pain into the selected area by clicking in the image. Your picture won’t change but you will see the paint in the Layers window mask layer.

TRY: Press Command D. Now the selection lines are gone. To make adjustments to the area your chose move the Hue, Saturation and/or Lightness sliders. The rest of the picture will not change.

Don’t forget to save your picture and share it with friends!

Next month we’ll teach you how to make your pictures look like drawings.

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