Alabama getaway

My daughter is a Grateful Dead fan, so she made me write that headline. We’re on Alabama’s Gulf Coast, the first stop on our grand tour of North America.

Looks like fun, but what you don’t see is the almost 9 hours we spent in the car yesterday and all the homework the kids had to get through this morning before they could hit the beach.

It’s a beautiful beach, though, and well worth the extra effort.

This is the view from our room. Wow.

We’re at the Turquoise Place, a condo development right along the coast. It’s the first vacation rental we’ve stayed in that has its own lazy river, which is where the kids will probably try to spend their entire visit.

But they have to take a break to eat every now and then, and we stumbled upon a great little restaurant called The Gulf that’s built out of shipping containers and serves a really nice burger. Iden likes his well-done with cheese. He had help from his siblings with the fries.

I recommend the freshly made hummus. I know, not what you’d expect from a comfort food place like this, but it’s very good.

So far, the kids have really enjoyed the views from high above the beach. We’ve seen fighter jets from the nearby Pensacola Naval Air Station and are hoping to catch the Blue Angels on a practice run later this week.

There’s a lot to do here — more than we have the time for.