Help, my kids are #avgeeks. What’s the cure, Southwest Airlines?

On a recent stopover in Dallas, our friends at Southwest Airlines invited us to tour their corporate headquarters.

Here we are!


The kids are world travelers, but little did Southwest know that they are also secret aviation geeks. OK, so is their father — but you already knew that, didn’t you?


Our guide was Southwest’s corporate historian, Richard West. Here he is letting us into a large aircraft hangar. (Are you sure you want to do that, Richard?)


Actually, he was very patient with us and even let our 10-year-old daughter take a nap inside a 737 engine. No, that’s not attached to a real plane, but I had you for a second.

Her brothers probably wish she would get sucked into an engine. Sorry, boys. Maybe next time.


One of the most fascinating parts of our visit was the pilot training facility. Behind Aren is a row of flight simulators with holiday decorations. If you ever meet a Southwest pilot, ask about the rubber chickens. Every flight simulator must have one, otherwise it’s prone to break down, according to legend.

So what’s the cure for a family of #avgeeks? Well, now that we’ve done this, we’re checking out other aviation museums in our area. Iden, our middle son, wants to become a pilot. He’s pretty good with a drone.

Many thanks to Richard, Thais, Linda and Sharon for welcoming the family to Southwest’s headquarters. And thanks to our friends at the pilot training center for letting us crash their holiday party.