I’ll spare you the potty humor on this Starbucks story

Can we talk bathrooms?

I’m in the Starbucks in Statesville, N.C., and it’s all I can think about. The bathrooms.

Starbucks bathrooms are typically one-room affairs, which is to say there’s only room for one person. If you have urgent business, you have to wait until the occupant is finished.

I admit it – and maybe I shouldn’t, because I’m sure I’ll get myself into trouble – but I’ve jumped into the ladies room on one or two occasions because I couldn’t wait. (Remember, Starbucks is our go -o pitstop when we’re driving. And sometimes we have to stop for a very urgent reason.

But when I entered the bathrooms at the Statesville Starbucks, I was relieved to see multiple stalls. He’s in other words, the WCs can accommodate several people. How very un-Starbucks like.

You don’t realize how important a bathroom is to a coffee experience until maybe you’ve had a little too much coffee.

The worst Starbucks’, as far as restrooms are concerned, are the ones in big cities like New York or Chicago, where you have to beg a barista for the key to the restroom. Presumably, they keep the restrooms locked to prevent undesirable non-customers from using the facilities.

But if you’re an actual customer, it can be confusing. The door is locked. Someone inside or does the barista have a key?

Don’t laugh. When you’ve really gotta go, it’s not the kind of question you want to be contemplating.

So, to the Statesville Starbucks, and all other Starbucks locations with generous restroom facilities, I say: thank you. You have done a great service to your customers, especially the ones are here on urgent business.

As a bonus, the restrooms here were all very clean and fully stocked with tissues and toilet paper. That counts for something too.

As someone who is known to drink a little too much espresso from time to time, I’ll always go out of my way to visit a Starbucks like this one. Because you never know when you’ve gotta go.