You have what in your carry-on bag!

Standing in long airport screening lines lends itself to some of the best people-watching. As passengers partially undress and dress, I have viewed various bellies, designer belts, plaid boxers, and bare feet begging for a pedicure.

It’s interesting to see what kind of items passengers pack in their carry-on bags that get confiscated. They either have forgotten that the item is in their bag, or they thought it was an allowable item.

Nonetheless, I have seen some really crazy items.

A friend once told me a story about a bachelor party he attended in Cancun. At the party, all the guests were given a pair of pink, furry handcuffs as a party favor. He slipped the cuffs into his briefcase during the party and forgot about them. He remembered the handcuffs about the same time the TSA security agent started pulling them out of his briefcase during his departure screening.

Along with having a lot of explaining to do, he was pretty embarrassed.

Women tend to have snafus as well. I once heard a lady at the LAX airport frantically gasp and say to the TSA agent, “Oops, how did THAT get in my bag? Please, please put it back. It’s just a personal massager for my back.”

Then again, there are the passengers that attempt to sneak items onboard illegally. I didn’t realize how lucrative the black market is for birds, snakes, and fish until I watched this video:

A couple of years ago I actually witnessed a TSA security screener pull a hamster out of a child’s backpack. Apparently, the little boy thought it was okay to bring his hamster along without his parent’s permission. His dad was upset about having to pay the $75 fee for the hamster to fly.

And how about Bob-Bob the cat who in 2012 accidentally made it into his owner’s luggage and flew over 900 miles to Disney World in the airplane’s cargo hold?

It’s ironic that TSA security screeners can find guns, knives, nail files, scissors, and clippers in a carry-on bag, but can’t seem to detect a stowaway cat. Bob-Bob hasn’t been the only sly cat to slip into his owner’s suitcase. He’s on a long list of Mile High Kitty Club members.

I had never experienced having my bag placed on a table and opened in front of everyone, until I was boarding a flight at Fiumicino airport in Italy bound for New York. Apparently, the Italians did not like the looks of my travel hair dryer folded in my backpack.

This was the third time my bag was searched for the same flight, and I was stopped during business class pre-boarding.

Tell us what items have “accidentally” made it into your carry-on bag that were questioned or confiscated.

What other items you have seen passengers try to take on flights?

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