The wait is over – we’re back, baby!

Did you miss us?

Well, we missed you.

After an eventful first half of 2014, we decided to take a few weeks off this summer. We overhauled Away is Home and asked our friends to join us for the reboot.

You’re going to love the new site.

Before I forget, let me introduce you to the cast and crew of the new Away is Home. Please say hello to some of our friends and contributors: Jordan Bressler, Peggy White-Davis, Cris Gladly, Stuart Gustafson, Elle Metz and April Walker.

We decided that it would be more fun if we did this as a group-written blog, so that was the first thing we did when we redesigned Away is Home. We added more voices. I’ve known some of these people for years and I can tell you that you were going to really like what they have to say.

Next, we turned up the volume a little. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of reading mamby-pamby blogs that skirt around the really interesting issues. Nowhere else do you find more of these milquetoast websites than in the travel industry, where publishers are too afraid of offending anyone.

The new Away is Home is all about the issues. We promise to be direct, compelling and always engaging.

To that end, we’re also planning to introduce a forum soon. That’s where you can take the discussion after you’ve read a blog post and really expand on it. What’s the point of having an issue’s blog if there’s no place to talk about them?

You’re probably wondering what will happen with the rest of the family. We’ll still be writing for Away is Home, of course. Look for bylines from Kari and me during the week. On weekends, we’ll feature one of our family travel stories, with contributions from our three kids.

Finally, we’ll also start publishing a weekly newsletter later this month. It’ll contain links to all of the stories on Away is Home from the week before, plus special offers from our sponsors and other great opportunities. If you see a little pop up on this site, please feel free to subscribe to the newsletter. You won’t regret it.

It feels good to be back. I realize this post is being published on a summer weekend, and few people are likely to get this far in a story on a Sunday in August, but that’s OK. I love publishing the site, I love the friends who have joined us and the family that started it all.

This is going to be so much fun. Thanks for joining us for the next chapter of our adventure.