Halloween on Southwest Airlines — enough said!


OK, we admit it: We rearranged our schedule to fly Southwest Airlines on Halloween. This holiday is a big deal, and besides, our kids will do anything for trick-or-treat candy at the gate.

We flew from Spookane back home to Gore-lando — sorry, I couldn’t resist — a six hour trip including a stop in Dead-ver (hat tip to Dave for that one).


This isn’t the first time we’ve flown Southwest on dress-up day. We were passengers on a Southwest flight on Halloween in 2003. Aren was just a toddler. The pictures are priceless. I’ll try to dig a few up an publish them.

To give you an idea of how seriously Southwest takes this holiday, check out this video of its CEO, Gary Kelly.

Trick or treat

“Why aren’t any other airlines celebrating Halloween?” our 11-year-old asked.

Did we really have to tell him? Not everyone can have Southwest’s sense of humor.