Wild about Jackson Hole

Crisp and cold!

Even though we usually have a great time wherever we go, I wasn’t sure about this trip. The government shutdown meant we wouldn’t be able to visit the national parks a key part of any trip to Wyoming and Montana. Still I kept my hopes up. I took this photo of Jackson Hole ski resort as we drove toward the mountain on our way to our vacation rental. I edited this by going into photoshop and changing the colors to feel a little warmer and them brighter.


Jackson Hole’s Teton Village is practically a part of the Grand Teton National Park. So even though the people were locked out the animals continued to roam freely about the area. At our vacation rental we spotted some wild moose munching branches in our back yard. We quickly grabbed our iPhones and took pictures while we could. Check out this enormous bull moose. He was hanging with his wife and two kids. I edited this photo by putting it in photoshop and warming things up.

Bear Stand

Imagine our surprise when we stepped out of our vacation home to find a startled black bear scurrying across the street. Our neighbor JoAnn invited us to watch the bear gobble up berries from the safe distance of her back porch. Isn’t this little bear a great poser! In this photo the first thing I did was put it through an app called Glaze. Then I changed the brightness of the shot in iPhoto. The last thing I did was warm it up in Snapseed. I think the overall effect has a neat hand-painted feel.