The great pumpkin pie – grandma style

The pumpkin patch was covered with a large black tarp protecting the grand gourds from the fall frost on our first morning in New York’s Catskill Mountains. We almost missed it in the morning mists we were so dazzled by the golden and red fruits dangling off the apple trees which line the dirt road leading to my parents’ home. Heading straight down the mountain side to pick and taste our favorite fruit my father called us over then lifted the vine covering asking, “Does anybody like pumpkins?”

Pumpkin is our favorite fall food. Mmm pumpkin bread. Yummy pumpkin pudding. You should see us celebrating in September when Starbucks brings back the pumpkin scones.

But our most favorite of all is pumpkin pie. Once the kids witnessed the grand patch there was a never-ending pleading of “Grandpa can we make pumpkin pie?”

Thank goodness my mother was well prepared knowing our affinity for the fruit. And she had the good graces to help the boys with making the pie a reality. No, we didn’t use fresh pumpkin but we did make a movie just in case you need some tips on how to make your pumpkin pie, grandma style.

Pumpkin Patch