What’s your vacation exit strategy?

“Let’s just go home.”

If you’ve ever said it — or yelled it — to your family in exasperation, then you should join us sometime. Not a trip seems to go by for us when one of us, or all of us, at least mutter it under our breath.

We’re done! Let’s get outta here.

For us, there’s a bright line between “go” and “stay.” When our accommodations fall through, which has only happened on one or two occasions, we take it as a sign to move on.

Oh, yes! Once, because I miscounted and made the rather common mistake of booking one night too few, we found ourselves homeless in Saugatuck, Mich. I didn’t realize it until the manager came to ask when we planned to leave. We’d literally been given an hour to clear out, and didn’t know where to go next. Fortunately, we had a friend who lived nearby. If you consider Ohio nearby.

Another time, a room at an upscale property in Oklahoma fell through about an hour before we were supposed to check in. It was a much-needed rest on a cross-country drive, and couldn’t have possibly come at a worse point. We powered through from Santa Fe, NM, all the way to Arkansas. Talk about zapping your energy. We could have been mistaken for extras in the World War Z sequel the following day.

But it’s not always so cut-and-dried. For instance:

• We once ended a trip to a European ski resort a few days early because we had the distinct feeling we’d worn out our welcome. Oh, don’t ask for details. We were young and foolish. We slept on the terminal floor and caught a flight back to California, where we lived.

• When we stay with friends and family, we also tend to leave earlier than expected. You know the three-day rule? We really want to stay on talking terms with our loved ones, so we skedaddle. It’s for the better.

• The most common reason we’d consider leaving early is exhaustion or illness. When all of us were stricken by the flu on a visit to Western Canada earlier this year, we considered leaving early. But we were too sick to fly. We flew home as scheduled and nursed each other back to health.

So how about you? When do you say, “Enough is enough?” and call an early end to your vacation?

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