Iden, your iPad is gone, gone, gone

Well, we’ve finally had it.

Iden’s flagrant use of technology as we explored the exceptional Nevada countryside flipped the switch from rational parenting to threats. And what is there to say but cooler heads have not prevailed.

He played games instead of taking advantage of the fantastic pools at our Holiday Inn Club Vacations Las Vegas Desert Club resort. He played games on the Black Canyon River Adventures bus on the way to the Hoover Dam. He even tried to play games on our Colorado river pontoon boat as we floated below the majestic Hoover Dam.

I’m pretty sure he knew his number was up and he was trying to pack in as much game time as possible before the big dust up.

And by the time we made it to the crest of the famous dam, the parents made a permanent decision to remove temptation once and for all.

Or did we?

Kids at Hoover Dam