Things went boom in the night

Red White and Blue Fireworks at Lake Eola

July 4th is a special day in the United States, but it’s really special for my mom. It’s when she sings with the Orlando Concert Band at Lake Eola Park and we have a front row view to the synchronized explosions that rock Orlando.

Fireworks Gold Burst Lake Eola

This year my mom invited me to join her in the viewing area with the Mayor of Orlando and other VIPs right behind the famous amphitheater. When the lights suddenly shut off across the park and music pumped from the speakers the first of the rockets took off.

Fireworks Dandelion July4_2013

There was a guy taking video from the sky using a Quadcopter Drone. I think that might have been the only thing cooler than capturing these incredible snapshots on my Canon 1D.

Fireworks Red Double Burst Juky4_2013