Destination of the day: Daytona Beach, Florida

When you think of Daytona Beach, betcha Spring Break is the first thing that comes to mind. Many people still equate the world center of racing with the raucous seasonal college tradition, if not with its drivable sandy beaches.

Oh, and did I mention racing? Yeah, there’s the Daytona 500, the annual NASCAR race that takes over town and draws all eyes to the infamous Daytona International Speedway.

Not us.

Since we moved to Florida and had kids, we see Daytona in a different light. And since you know us so well, it won’t come as a surprise that we now associate it with food.

Seafood and chocolate, to be exact. And while that sounds like a strange and fairly yucky combination, have no fear. We never consume both at the same time.

This weekend, instead of making our usual beeline for Angell & Phelps Chocolatiers, (OMG I love that place!) we headed to the Daytona Seafood Festival for samples from the sea.

It seemed like a good place for a photo safari, too. The advertisement promised live mermaids!

TJ's Seafood Shack

TJ’s Seafood Shack‘s food truck is based out of Oviedo, Fla., and they have the best seafood nibbles around. Oh, and cold beer, too.

Carnival food

These rebels set up their booth with carnival food. Iden didn’t mind. He loves corn dogs.

Swamp Bites

And there were a few spots with Florida authentic cuisine. Gator is seafood, right? Close enough.

Iden and Mermaids

We finally found the mermaids. There was something fishy about them. What self-respecting sea princess paints her toenails, uh, I mean fin?

After all that food and fun, we practically crawled back to the car. Too much seafood! What a great way to spend the afternoon.