Alright, who let these kids in the TMS Family Travel Conference?

Kids at podium

We didn’t have to travel very far to get to this year’s TMS Family Travel Conference. It was held at the Hilton Orlando, which is only about half an hour from our home in Winter Springs, Fla.

But you know us, don’t you? Even if you live close-by and know exactly where you’re driving, the presence of kids means you may arrive on time — or not.

By the time we made it to the hotel, we’d missed the welcome party. Chris helped us into the room then headed out to a think-tank session.

Aren on the slide

We visited another kind of tank — the pool and lazy river. Awesome! (At least, that’s what Iden exclaimed after splashing down.)

Water falls HO

This is how we learn about family travel.

Iden Butterflies

After that, we headed around the hotel for a photo safari. Iden loved the ornamental butterflies on the wall.

Desk with animals HO
Once we settled in the room, Erysse unpacked her bags, and we learned she’d brought her entourage of stuffed animals. Oh, my.

Chef's dinner party HO

Chris and managed to escape for dinner, which was a special event held in the Hilton’s kitchen.

Merienge and Strawberries

Aren, Iden and Erysse weren’t completely left out. We were send back with decadent strawberries freshly dipped in chocolate and meringue topped strawberry shortcakes. And they loved it!