Destination of the day: Santa Fe, New Mexico


Santa Fe haunts you long after it disappears in your rear-view mirror. It is more than a destination, more than a state capitol. For us, it is a state of mind.

Our vacation rental entrance

We were fascinated by Santa Fe’s architecture when we visited a few months ago. This is the entrance to our vacation rental, located just a few steps from the city’s best museums and restaurants.

We cooked some of the most memorable meals of the year in this well-appointed home. The scent of tortilla soup, fresh-baked cornbread and the taste of a chilled Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc return when we think of this place.

We could live here. Permanently.

Inside the Capitol in Santa Fe

The state capitol building in Santa Fe is the only round capitol in the United States — another architectural peculiarity. Also on the architecture menu: the nation’s oldest house, which is also a museum, and the magnificent Loretto Chapel.

And there’s the art — so much art, and most of it public. You could spend an entire afternoon in and around the capitol building, admiring the paintings and sculptures.

And yes, I know I’m just scratching the surface of this incredible place. What are you favorite Santa Fe memories?