Going green — with a splash of red and orange — in Oviedo, Florida

Citrus Trees at Lukas Nursery

The kids have a science project due for school. We needed the supplies to get started and there’s one place in our town we like best for plants: Lukas Nursery & Butterfly Garden.

Erysse stops to smell the flowers.

Both Erysse and Iden need to plant seeds and monitor their progress for class. We’re here to buy some seeds and potting soil, but first we took a quick look around.


There are so many different kinds of flowers at the gardens. This lavender flower attracts the butterflies.


So do these pink blossoms.


Some flowers look like they could grow in the wild. There are a lot of yellow flowers over here.


Some plants look like they could be from outer space.


This one looks like a bird’s head.


We like to visit the garden shop, even when we don’t have science projects. You never know what you’ll find!