Does anything go when you’re on the road?


That’s our dealbreaker, our Achilles’ heel. Our diet-breaker.

When we see an In-N-Out Burger, we stop and eat. Time of day or place … it matters not.

Sure, we watch what we eat when we’re on the road, but there’s a waiver for In-N-Out, the iconic fast-food restaurant that can only be found in a few states out West.

Everyone has a weakness, and now you know ours. But apart from In-N-Out, we stay on the straight and narrow while we’re driving. We buy our meals at grocery stores and picnic. We eat healthy.

At least, that’s what we tell ourselves.

What do you tell yourself? Are you the kind of person who stays true to your food habits even when you’re traveling? Or do you let yourself go?

For us, this isn’t an academic question. As our kids will tell you (see video, above) the road from point “A” to point “B” is littered with delicious temptations. Did someone say “chocolate?”

OK, you had me at chocolate.

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