Winter Garden Farmers Market, close up

Lemon and Lime

If you’ve never been to the Winter Garden Farmers Market, then you should go. You’re in for a tasty treat.

It’s a once-a-week spectacle starring fresh fruits, vegetables, artisan breads, and exotic dishes from places you’ve never been. We love to visit the farmer’s markets when we travel to get a taste of the area. Don’t you? What’s your favorite thing to buy?

Check out them lemons and limes.

Winter Garten Farmer's Market

You don’t have to be a vegetarian to appreciate all this produce. But it helps.


Where did they get all these peppers?


You can buy the asparagus by the bundle. Customers where grabbing armfuls of them. Guess what we’re having for dinner?

Winter Garden is one of those out-of-the-way Central Florida attractions that almost never gets mentioned in the popular guidebooks, but should. It has everything you could want in a destination, from a charming downtown with coffeeshops and culture, to lake views.

In early spring, nearby Lake Apopka is virtually insect-free. The oppressively hot weather that this region is known for hasn’t made its debut yet.

When it does, the farmers market will be hot, hot, hot. And I’m not talking about the peppers.

Aren adds: “This is the first farmers market where they served us goat cheese. They also offered my mom and dad free Brazilian coffee samples. Another thing that stood out was the Blue Man Group booth. This is the only farmers market where I’ve seen a Blue Man Group booth.”

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