Springtime blues, roller coasters, breeders and more

Erysse Blows Bubbles

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– Kari, Chris and the kids
Your Away is Home crew

■ Summer is roller coaster season
Iden loves roller coasters – especially the Millenium Force at Cedar Point. And this year there’s a new ride called The Gatekeeper. We hope we’ll get to try it out! Do you have a favorite roller coaster? Let us know.

■ Are families being mocked in Manhattan?
Maybe. Years ago, when we were single and working in the city we laughed off the harangued parents with multiples. Now the tables have turned. What’s your experience when visiting Manhattan?

■ Unexpected animal encounters
Part of being outdoors is the opportunity to observe the wild life. Some experiences go the way you expect them to, while others are much more unexpected and scary. Chris tells the tale of how we followed the tracks of a bear in Yellowstone last summer.

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■ Picking through the springtime blues
Spring brings the end of strawberry season and the beginning of blueberry picking in Florida. This photo essay follows the Elliott kids as they show you how to pick the plumpest, juiciest berries at Pappy’s Patch.

■ Tourist spoiled our grocery store
Does being in a tourist area affect the local grocery stores? Here’s some anecdotal evidence that all supermarkets are not equal. Don’t forget to take the survey. Why? Because your opinion matters to us.

■ Poolside photo safari
Have you ever taken a day off to hang out by the pool? We spent a few days of Spring Break with friends at the Holiday Inn Club Vacations Orlando-Orange Lake Resort and decided to grab a cabana. I am not a hang out at the pool kind of gal, but we packed enough games and toys to make the day go by quickly (notice the computer in the cabana). It was the perfect day by the pool. See more on our Facebook page.