What are these “breeders” doing in Manhattan?

Erysse and Aren Take Times Square

We admit it. When Chris and I were starting our careers in Manhattan years ago, we mocked the flustered families of multiples dragging their kids through our city.

We called them “breeders.”

But now, as card-carrying members of the breeder class – parents of more than two children – we wouldn’t dream of denying our kids access to the rich history, unrivaled arts and incredible architecture of the Big Apple.

We also think the irony is delicious.

On our last visit, we stayed near Times Square. It turned out to be a fantastic base of operations for all our adventures. We had access to most of the subway lines, were blocks away from Grand Central Terminal and there was a constant stream of available taxis through the area.

The subway came in handy when we went to Battery Park to catch a ferry to Liberty and Ellis Islands. At the time they were still working on the museum and upgrades to her infrastructure. The kids can’t wait to come back and climb to the torch, which opens July 4, by the way.

Instead, we spent the bulk of our time looking up relatives on Ellis Island, a task we might have overlooked if not for Lady Liberty’s construction.

On our museum day we walked through Central Park to get between the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History. That can really get the wiggles out of the little ones. We walked as far south as 79th street to see Bethesda Terrace and Fountain then back up on the West Side.

That was my favorite path when I used to work near Lincoln Center, BC — Before Children.

Young professionals on their way to work stared at our gaggle of kids, and we knew what they were thinking. We would be thinking it too, if it wasn’t us. (Aren’t there still tickets for the Lion King?)

We caught a cab to the New York Public Library to appreciate the architecture – and one of our favorite places from the movie Ghostbusters. The docents there are very friendly and there is a children’s museum inside. Who knew?

But we didn’t stay long. We walked the few blocks to Grand Central Station to catch the backdrop of some other favored movie sets before grabbing a subway to the Brooklyn Bridge. Plenty of walking to do, but this was a fun subway ride with a busker singing Beatles.

We barely scratched the surface of New York. Our middle son, Iden, wants to come back so he can see a broadcast of Saturday Night Live. Fat chance; it’s way past his bedtime.

We know, we know. That’s such a breeder thing to say.

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