Epic roller coaster with millennium force

Cedar Point

I love to ride roller coasters. Last summer I went to Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio. It has the most exciting roller coasters in the United States. And the very best roller coaster there is the Millennium Force.

I rode the Millennium Force with my mom and my dad. My brother and sister were too terrified to try it. I can understand. Waiting in line you could hear the other riders screaming as they twisted and turned up and down.

I wasn’t really scared until we were seated on the ride and our car started to climb up the first hill. That was before the biggest drop on the ride. It sounded like the roller coaster was going to break. All I could hear was a loud clicking sound and a hum.

Then we dropped straight down. It felt like I was falling off a cliff. My mom screamed the whole time. She was loud but I could tell she was having a good time.

As the brakes squeaked at the finish I looked at my parents and shouted, “I can’t believe I’m still alive!” And I felt good.

I wonder if we’ll go back this summer to try their newest coaster, “The Gatekeeper.”