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Your Away is Home crew

■ I can’t believe you asked, but …
After months on the road packing for five, it’s still a guessing game. Are we packing enough clothes or cutting it too close? Take the survey and let us know.

■ Our very cool destination of the day
What’s you favorite thing to do at America’s Sailing Capital? We started our day with the pledge, but maybe you’d prefer to take a run. See how our adventure matches yours. Share your favorite Annapolis memories.

■ On assignment
You’ve been there in the winter, but what’s it like the rest of the year? Here are some of the things we love about our favorite Vail resorts in Colorado and California, regardless of the season. Don’t forget to take the survey. Why? Because your opinion matters to us.

■ Join our adventure
We want to know what you’re thinking. Sound off on our Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Flickr or when we write about something you care about and don’t miss our surveys posted at the end of most stories. Look for occasional giveaways coming soon!

■ Photo safari
When’s the last time you went to the county fair? Childhood memories of New York’s Walton County Fair fueled this trip to Eustis, Florida and the Lake County Fair. Our verdict? The animals haven’t changed, but the rides are much better.

■ How did you get that shot?
Aren takes pictures on location at Mead Botanical Garden in Winter Park, Fla., to the All British Car and Cycle Show. See some of his impressive photos.

■ Uncle Walt did what?
We only stayed for a few rides (perk of being Florida residents) but have some great advice for anybody visiting the new Fantasyland in the comments of this photoalbum. Read more on our Facebook page.