At the Lake County Fair in Eustis, Florida

Aren on the hang glider ride

Our adventure took us to the Lake County Fair in Eustis, Fla., where we rode the rides, saw the livestock and took some unforgettable photos. Here’s one of Aren on one of the scary thrill rides. Note the absence of his brother, Iden. He sat this one out.

Wild times at the county fair

Oh, here he is. He was busy getting his face painted. Iden got a lot of double-takes from the other fair visitors today, of course.


We saw plenty of cute animals, including this little bunny. “Can we take it home,” Erysse wanted to know.

“I wonder how long the rabbit would last with our cats?” I answered.

Hen and egg

And of course, there were chickens. And eggs. But which came first?